Global Innovation Partners is a multi-disciplinary business and economic development consultancy focusing on innovation and technology to drive growth in the global economy...

Digital Campus Sheffield

We work with businesses, universities, economic development organisations, cities, and regions across UK, USA, Canada and Europe to help them execute new strategies and ways of doing things that will grow industry sectors and develop entrepreneurs to create positive impact in their local and national economies. 

We provide access to our international network of business clients, economic development leaders, innovation experts and service providers, facilitating strategic alliances and public/private partnerships for business and economic growth.

Regional and City based Economic Development and Business Growth through Innovation...

Innovation comes in many shapes and forms and we work across its widest definition. To us, innovation doesn't just mean developing new technology it means developing new cultures, methods, business models and adjusting to change with new ways of doing things to deliver growth.

Driving strategic innovation means orchestrating exchange, collaboration and partnerships to create opportunity for businesses and communities, both locally and globally.

We specialise in helping to build growing innovation ecosystems for the technology sectors and helping businesses and entrepreneurs prosper in knowledge-driven locations.