Partners and Associates:


Global Innovation Partners has a primary mission of providing access through our network to expert resources and innovative ideas from around the world. We bring businesses, economic developers and service providers together to develop innovative solutions and economic growth. To support our clients we work closely with a number of principal associates in North America, Europe and Asia who bring their extensive experience and talents to our clients. Examples of many in our network are highlighted here:



We partner with CidaCo to deliver fast track and bespoke change management and innovation consultancy enabling a business, a project or a department in a public or private company to realise it's full potential.

The system CidaCo use has a well recognised pedigree and has helped to re-launch and redefine some real talents in the technology world over the last ten years such as The BBC, Apple, Swiss Com, Intel, Stanford University and Lockheed Martin to name a few.


AED International

Arguably the best conference for creativity, innovation and technology anywhere in the world. ThinkingDigital is our partner for major event focussed projects. Between us we have a network of Innovation led speakers across many sectors and disciplines that is second to none.


AED International

Our partners GLDPartners are an international investment advisory firm that is focused on supporting communities, businesses and asset owners around cities and regions with logistics hubs. With a view that global commerce is undergoing structural changes in terms of market shifts, supply chains and logistics patterns, GLDPartners helps asset owners and companies navigate value-development, business attraction and the investment in new state of the art infrastructure.

GLDPartners works in North America and Europe and has offices in the US, Canada and in the UK and has expertise in global logistics, supply chain management, railroads, airport and seaport development strategies and project finance.


AED International

Our Chinese industry partner is ConnectChina, who have offices in UK, Hong Kong & China and specialise in researching, identifying, and facilitating business opportunities in China. With extensive experience, expertise and connections in both the commercial and government networks they can help to open up new opportunities for our clients.