Our services:

We deliver a broad spectrum of consulting services to businesses,
economic developers and academia. Here's a breakdown...

  • Relationship building and the development of sector networks
  • Global partnering and creating and managing strategic alliances
  • International brokering for international trade and investment
  • Competitive positioning and benchmarking
  • Business location strategy and site selection
  • Business transformation and expansion
  • Business and sector growth through innovation driven regional economic development
  • Fast track action planning

Feel free to ask us about a particular service or bespoke requirement if you don’t see what you are looking for here…

Why Global Innovation Partners?

We have an enviable and extensive depth of experience in business strategy, and economic development from both the investor’s and region’s perspectives to find the best matches. We seek out new and alternative approaches to business strategy, sector growth and economic development that are location based and focused on delivery and results within realistic timescales. So much of what is still done is the “same old stuff” and we are always identifying innovative best practices and different models of doing things so that we can bring them to our clients as options. This is especially important during the tough times.

Creating Global Partnerships and Strategic Alliance:

Our networks cover a variety of sectors and disciplines. We have seen entire countries change government priorities almost overnight, however its our sustainable professional and personal networks that keep us working together effectively by transferring knowledge and sharing experience.

International linkage:

We currently offer services in international business development, advising in the USA, Canada and the UK, acting in our client’s interest to connect businesses to opportunities across territories. We facilitate strategic alliances on our client’s behalf, offering advice, guidance and connections for technology businesses looking to penetrate international markets or connect to collaborators. We can be your technology sector’s eyes and ears on the ground and continually champion our client’s interests in other regions on a cost effective basis.

Business Transformation and Fast Track Action Planning:

In the light of recent global events it is important for organisations to be focused on clear goals with clarity of purpose. Businesses need to maintain momentum yet are driven to take brave and bold decisions. We can facilitate this activity and instill confidence to achieve unity of vision across teams that supports strategy development and brings about success. Time is money and time is always short and that’s where we can make a difference; quickly and effectively.

Business Location Strategy:

Expanding or locating a business is a complex process. Doing this in a new country or different region of the world is full of risks as well as opportunities. We have over 30 years of global advising experience in helping executives of hundreds of companies of all sizes and in all sectors compare and assess locations and sites all over the world for headquarters, R&D facilities, manufacturing, software design, data centres, and other business support operations. We have then assisted these clients to efficiently execute those business, human resource and facility plans through our network of service providers around the world.